A Listing of Sega (Data East) Pinball Games/Roms

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GAME                                    CPU VER.        DISPLAY VER.
----                                    --------        ------------
LASER WAR                               A09-0 [A08-3]   N/A
SECRET SERVICE                          A04-6           N/A
TORPEDO ALLEY                           A02-1           N/A
TIME MACHINE                            A02-4           N/A
PHANTOM OF THE OPERA                    A03-2           N/A
MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL                   A02-9 [A02-7]   N/A
ROBOCOP                                 A03-4 [A03-3]   N/A
BACK TO THE FUTURE                      A02-7 [A02-0?]  N/A
PLAYBOY                                 A02-4           N/A
SIMPSONS                                A02-7           N/A
CHECKPOINT                              A01-7           CP81 [CP80,CP81Ger/Fr]
TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES            A1.05 [A1.04]   A1.04
BATMAN                                  A1.06           A1.02, G1.04, F1.04
STAR TREK                               A2.01 [A2.00]   A1.09
HOOK                                    A4.09 [A4.08]   A4.01, G4.02
LETHAL WEAPON 3                         A2.09 [A2.07]   A2.06
STAR WARS                               A1.03           A1.04, A1.05 *
ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE                    A3.11 [A1.30]   A3.00 [A1.30]
JURASSIC PARK                           A5.13 [A5.10]   A5.10
LAST ACTION HERO                        A1.12           A1.06
TALES FROM THE CRYPT                    A3.03           A3.01
TOMMY                                   A4.00 [A3.00]   A4.00 [A3.00]
ROYAL RUMBLE (WWF)                      A1.06           A1.02
GUNS & ROSES                            A3.00           A3.00
MAVERICK                                A4.04           A4.01
FRANKENSTEIN                            A1.03           A1.03
BAYWATCH                                  ?               ?
BATMAN FOREVER                          A3.01             ?
APOLLO 13                                 ?               ?
GOLDENEYE                                 ?               ? 

* A1.05 for 4Mbit socket, otherwise identical.

Prefixes: A=USA, G=German, F=French, E=European (German), C=50-cent USA

[] indicates the newest version likely to be available through any service
   call.  It's better to ask around for newer ROMs.

N/A = does not apply

Note: no reliable version numbering or dating for most sound ROMs.

Note: There is no A4.01 display for Lethal Weapon 3.  There is no A1.03
      display for Royal Rumble.

Note: Games starting with Maverick use a large DMD ...
Note: Games starting with Apollo 13 return to the standard sized DMD ...

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