Prototype Funhouse Sound

The following information was sent to me by an anonymous source involved with the production of pinball machines ... it has been editted and formatted for html.

When WPC was under development, the sound board lagged behind the rest of the system. It was not ready in time for the sample Funhouse games.

The solution was to use the System 11 sound board in those early games. The System 11 board is not forward-compatible with WPC. The main difference being the power supply requirement. The solution is a "converter" board that goes between the WPC CPU and the System 11 sound board. This board does the power supply work and the CPU bus translation.

It probably is possible to convert one of these early Funhouses to work with the WPC sound board (the one with the Yamaha chip, not DCS, of course). Before doing this, however, measure the voltages available from the transformer for the sound board power. The transformer probably didn't change, but this is not certain. Also, make sure to carefully trace out the connectors. Just because the connectors fit the WPC board, there's no guarantee that power, etc., didn't move around on the connector headers.

Several Notes on this ...

With the above differences, it is possible to do this conversion, but several differences will cause big problems -- the difference in amplifier voltage being the main one. This will likely cause a nasty hum.

Therefore, if you need to update an old Funhouse to WPC sound, you need to update the transformer.

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